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At HONEST TRADE COMPANY, we introduce providers of products and services to market opportunities. We do this by knowing what is being created around the world and what is needed in our market like Oil and Gas companies ,Industrial companies, Power generation plants,... etc. in Egypt.

In fact, one of our main objective is to understand your need and arrive at a solution in the Power Solution Sector which consists of (Uninterruptable power supply UPS , Pre-assembled Generators and Uninterruptable power supply UPS Batteries ) ,NOW we are one of the main EATON UPS distributor and agent of SIEL UPS we stock Ranges from 1KVA UP to 200KVA and also a Distributor of ULTRACELL 
Batteries  for Uninterruptable power supply UPS, and we stock ( UXL , UHR , UCG ,... ) ranges and YUASA battery all ranges and capacities.

 Also we are working in the oil and gas Artificial lift  sector as equipment supplier  which could involve bridging cultures, crossing borders and creating businesses where none existed before.

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